Eithne Jordan – visual artist

Eithne Jordan is an Irish artist who has worked for over four decades, producing work that hums with understated intensity and poise. She divides her time between France and Ireland, having also lived and worked in Germany. She has exhibited widely in Europe, and is a member of Aosdana and the RHA.  Her work is inContinue reading “Eithne Jordan – visual artist”

Holly Pereira – artist, muralist and illustrator

Holly Pereira is an artist, muralist and illustrator based in Dublin, Ireland. If you are in Ireland you have probably met some of her work in the wild – colour drenched murals with the power to transform a miserable rainy streetscape. Holly’s work is playful, humorous, welcoming the viewer in; and it is often political.Continue reading “Holly Pereira – artist, muralist and illustrator”

Maggie O’Dwyer – poet and artist

Maggie O’Dwyer is a poet and artist, living and working in Dublin. She has published three books of poetry, and her collection Laughter Heard from the Road was shortlisted in 2010 for the Rupert and Eithne Strong Award for Best First Collection. There is an arresting freshness and immediacy to Maggie’s poetry. Often as saturatedContinue reading “Maggie O’Dwyer – poet and artist”

Sarah Walker – artist and gallery owner

Sarah Walker is an artist and owner of the Sarah Walker Gallery in Castletownbere in West Cork, Ireland. Born in Dublin, Sarah has lived and worked in West Cork since 1990. Her work has been shown nationally and internationally, with regular solo shows in Cork and Dublin over the course of her career. In conversationContinue reading “Sarah Walker – artist and gallery owner”

Liliane Malemo – artisan clothing designer

Liliane Malemo is an artisan clothing designer who works with vintage fabrics to create the ultimate slow fashion: a fresh as a breeze design aesthetic that is deeply eco-conscious too. “I didn’t want to get into fashion and clothing in the traditional way; I wanted it to mean more,” she says. In conversation with TempyContinue reading “Liliane Malemo – artisan clothing designer”

Liz Gill – Screenwriter and Director

Liz Gill is a screenwriter, director and producer, best known for her tenderly hilarious 2003 film, Goldfish Memory, which won 16 festival awards internationally and 9 IFTA nominations, including best film, director, and script.
For TV, Liz has directed a diverse range of shows, from soaps such as Eastenders to the surreal and side-achingly funny series, Hardy Bucks. She is currently working on the Netflix series Valhalla, a spin-off of Vikings on which she worked extensively as a producer.

Enda Wyley – poet

The Irish Times lauded her as ‘a true poet.’ Another review celebrated her ‘imagery, honesty and insight.’ Since her first collection of poetry was published in 1993 (with the gloriously playful title, Eating Baby Jesus) Enda Wyley has steadily built an impressive body of work. To date she has published six collections of poetry andContinue reading “Enda Wyley – poet”

Úna Burke – leather worker

Úna Burke is a leather worker and fashion designer whose creations have been chosen by such powerhouse shapers of popular culture as Madonna, Rihanna and Lady Gaga, to name but a few. Her distinctive style helped to create the look of perhaps the most iconic movie heroine of modern times – Jennifer Laurence as Katniss Everdeen in the Hunger Games; and her work was used by Taylor Swift in her music videos.

Karen Hilmersson – photographer

Karen is portrait and lifestyle photographer steadily building a career for herself and marking her space in the photography world, one photo at a time. Her love of photography started as a child but she only recently came back to it realising it was what she needed to fill a void in her life- the need to be creative. Karen is self taught and has recently begun taking on clients and projects all from pushing herself to be her own subject in front of her camera and making portraits of her children a daily part of life.